Husband Humor

Tonight after dinner my husband was snacking on one of those HUGE pickles. The following conversation took place:

Eric said, “You know, if these pickles had legs no one would eat them.”
So I pictured a pickle with legs and decided that “Yes, it would be gross and I probably wouldn’t eat it.”
Then Eric said, “Mice are only scary because they’re fast. If they were slowly lumbering along, no one would be afraid of them.” He also said, “If their ears were bigger and the tops of them flopped over a little everyone would think they were the cutest thing.”
What made him think of these things, I have no idea, but it was quite funny and I had to share it.

One thought on “Husband Humor

  1. I most definitely would not eat a pickle with legs…lol. If mice were slow, no one would be afraid of them because you could catch them and kill them easier. As they are now, they are pesky, quick little rodents, that keep you walking on eggshells until you hear a trap!! Thank goodness we haven't had one of those in over 2 years. This time of year always worries me though….with the crops being harvested and cooler temps. I will freak if I see one….ewwww. lol.

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