First Co-op Class

Today was the first co-op class for Butler Homeschoolers!
We met at the library and it was great!
The kids were divided into 2 groups by age.

Mrs Smith taught the younger group about Colonial America.

Mrs. Ledford is doing a reading group with the older kids.
They will be performing at the Thanksgiving Dinner in Nov.

Listening to the story they will be acting out.

The younger group was learning to make butter when I came back
from seeing the older group. I pretty much floated around.
I like to do that.

That butter looks yummy!

This is Mr. Ryan (can’t remember his last name) from Succop Conservancy.
Next week we’ll have a field trip there and will be learning
more about Colonial Life. Sounds so neat!

The children learning some about Colonial life.

Here’s a few things we learned about written on the board.
The classes were both good and I look forward to them
in the weeks ahead! As a homescholing mom
I look forward to learning new things along with my children.
Home education has many rewards!
Re-learning things you’ve forgotten is one of the best!

2 thoughts on “First Co-op Class

  1. It looks like they are all having so much fun! I just joined a HS group in the area, but in light of recent events, think we'll give it another week before attending an event. So happy you found a great group!

  2. I'm pretty excited about the group! We went on field trips last fall and the kids enjoyed it. The co-op class is new this year, so I figured we'd do that along with all the other changes we've made this year. Today was fun and I'm looking forward to the rest of the semester's classes!

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