Insect Fair

On our way. . . and Grace shouldn’t have eaten that stuff!

We need a new GPS. It doesn’t know we’re actually on a road.

My man, driving us to the Insect Fair at PSU.

The boys NOT listening to Grace.
She doesn’t travel well in the mornings.
Thankfully I know to bring a bucket when we leave early.

Inside the Ag building at PSU.

Yes, it is what you think.

Totally grossed out over the bedbugs.

Nathan had fun taking pictures.

So did I.

What a cute butterfly!

We’re interested in everything bee.

Can you spot the Queen Bumble Bee?

Chocolate covered crickets.
We all tried them.
Ok, but not my thing, lol.

Wax Moth Larvae.
Eric and the boys each tried one.
Grace and I didn’t.

Yes, I did try this.
Eric ate it first.
I followed him in this.

A view of the crowd from above.

This side is definitely more crowded.

The boys not playing a game Grace played.

Grace holding a butterfly.
Boys didn’t want to.
But they did race cockroaches.

Grace also got a painting.
The boys didn’t want to.
What party poopers!

Meet Missy Hissy.
Or whatever her name will be tomorrow.
Grace will probably change her name often.

This is Rex. Ryan’s Madagascar Hissing Cockroach.
I only allowed them because they are easy
to take care of and they don’t bite.
They’re just creepy looking.
And they hiss.

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