Weekly Wrap-Up

I was late to post this link. Ugh! What is my problem lately?? I am late for everything regarding school.
This week has been a pretty good week. I already posted about Monday, which was truly a fun-day!
Tuesday we did our usual Math U See lessons, Easy Grammar Preposition reviews, and SWR. We’re supposed to do Art or Music, but I was not so motivated in the afternoon. Next week we WILL do more stuff in that department.
Wednesday we did the 3 major subjects and a science experiment. The experiment was mixing salt and sand. We had to see what the difference in their physical properties were and then mix it with water and see what happened with the salt. After that we had to filter the sand through a coffee filter and see what happened with the salt when the mixture dried. (salt crystals) It was fun, for the most part. 🙂
Thursday we did M-U-S, EG and SWR. I keep forgetting that we do Wisdom’s House for Kidz each day, first thing. We always start the day out with a Bible lesson and prayer. We did our usual school stuff.
Friday we finished up lessons we have been working on, spelling tests (which everyone did pretty good on – woo hoo). Found pages online for our PA History notebook and did a quiz on water and when it was first mentioned in the Bible. They did a good job this week! I am proud of them.
Today . . . sigh . . . was all in all a good day. I blew it though. My oldest gives me the huffy sigh when he’s told to do something sometimes and after a few times (during the same lesson) it sets me off and I get angry. I’ve been having a lot of issues with that lately (anger). I feel awful afterwards and had to ask him (my oldest) for forgiveness for my behavior.
The last few days have been very draining for me (not an excuse) waking the hubby up early (4:15 today and 5:15 the Wed and Thur) and trying to go back to sleep. I do not do well with disturbed sleep.
Tomorrow morning we are leaving very early (somewhere between 6 and 6:30) to go to PSU’s Insect Fair. I was late remembering that the kids had to be registered to enter a build a bug contest, so they won’t be doing that this year. Something I feel really bad about. Next year they can build and enter bugs. I told them they can practice making bugs until next year. This year we’ll just go and enjoy all the activities and have a good (and LONG) family day.
Monday we’re going to attempt going to the Pittsburgh Zoo and do our Scavenger Hunt. They are looking forward to this and so am I! Should be a fun day!
Tuesday we’re attending our first co-op class for our homeschool group. It’s about Colonial America and I think it’ll be fun for the kids. We’ll have to do our normal school work in the afternoon instead of morning. Should be interesting and fun! 🙂 The rest of next week will be normal. I’ll post about the co-op class after we’ve done that. Maybe I’ll take our schoolwork and see if the kids want to do it at the library. .. hmm, that’s a thought. We shall see though.
That’s all from here for now.
Pray for me.
I need it.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up

  1. Hi Tracey,
    Good point in remembering the good stuff we've done and YES the kids do know what buttons to push. It just seems to be happening a lot lately and is frustrating. You guys have a great week, too!

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