On Saturday the mailman came up our driveway to deliver a package. He was funny, he said “You don’t have to worry about flooding up here.” Our driveway is long and steep and we really don’t have to worry about flooding (except in the basement sometimes). Anyway, in the package were the electronics kits we ordered while we were at CHAP in May! Eric and the boys are excited about getting into these!
The kit comes with everything they’ll need to get into electronics, minus the tools, of course. These are from Applied Inspirations.

Looks like fun!
These are the parts and plugs they’ll use in their kits. I will take pictures when they begin working on these projects!
Yesterday we were supposed to go to the Zoo, but it was rainy and blah out. We decided a day in the rain wouldn’t be nice, so we stayed home. We decided to have a Fun-Day. We started out 2nd pillar in “Wisdom’s House for Kidz” which is Virtue. Then we did phonogram cards and rule cards for SWR. After that we did a couple Son of Mad Libs and how fun was that!! It was a good grammar review for the parts of speech and the stories were so fun! Everyone was laughing hysterically and want to do more each day! Fun! And I think we’ll do that! Then the kids did some easy math review (used Holey Cards addition) and we called it a school day. Then to top off the day we watched a movie and were just lazy. It was great!!
Last night after dinner, Ryan wanted to do a project from this book Grace picked from the library (101 Physics Tricks by Terry Cash). Below are pictures from the project:

Lit with a 1.5 volt battery.

Here is where the project was found. The kids were experimenting using different batteries (under dad’s supervision, obviously) and really enjoyed this time with dad!

This was with the 9 volt battery. Much brighter!
It was a fun project and all the kids enjoyed finding all the stuff they needed for it!
It was a fun Monday!

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