Weekend In Review

Starting Friday evening, the hubby and I worked on the ol’ chicken coop. Again. As always.

Saturday we finished putting up the OSB inside – woo hoo! We need to paint – “we” that is me. 🙂 I can probably get some kids to help me out with that. I actually hammered a bunch of nails in the walls! I missed the nails a lot at first, but got better as we went on. My least favorite part of it all was putting up the ceiling. The slanted sides were the hardest part of the ceiling.
Here’s the floor and the bottom of the walls. I can honestly say that I HATE sawdust in my eyes. That stuff really hurts! 🙂 Thankfully it rinses out with saline and water. We still have a lot of little things to do, but once the chicken door is made the birds will move in. They stopped by for a visit Friday night. They were confused at bed time, but finally got back to their temporary home. I’m thinking the switch will be easy for them – woo hoo. I’ll be SO glad when that coop is totally done.
So Saturday we worked on the coop all day and had pizza for dinner. We ordered pizza out since the hubby and I were working all day.
Yesterday we were so exhausted that we decided to hang out at home and be lazy. It was a nice relaxing day!
Today we were supposed to go to the Pittsburgh Zoo, but it has been rainy all day and decided to try again next Monday. We did fun stuff for school today and just had a fun time together! We enjoyed the Mad Libs the best. All of us laughing hysterically over the stories the boys made! Then we watched a movie together (I did sort of snooze while it was on, shhhh). Today has been a great day. Next on my agenda is writing a book review and then getting dinner ready! We’re eating #17 on the menu this evening! Yum!


2 thoughts on “Weekend In Review

  1. Oh Oh Oh I would LOVE a chicken coup. I would love to know more as to what went into it, cost…do you need to have hens AND 1 rooster? I always wondered that. I have been asking the hubby to build one, but so far, nothing 8( Yours will be great I bet!

  2. Hi Melis, we went all out crazy with this chicken coop. It's insulated and very tall. lol We have an 8X8 shed up on 2.5 feet legs. Quite tall. As far as how much we've put into it, we haven't been keeping track, but it hasn't been cheap. Price depends on how you want your chickens to live. lol 🙂

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