Book Review

Anne Bradstreet by D.B. Kellog is from the Christian Encounters series. The name Bradstreet rang a bell somewhere in my head, so I had to pick this book and read it. I’m glad I did! Early American history has been a subject that I’m interested in and I was definitely not disappointed with this book.
Anne had been a sickly child and was sick off and on much of her life, but she accomplished much! She grew up a Puritan and loved the Lord and followed Him all her life. It was her desire to love God and be the best wife and eventually mother that she could be.
A couple years after Anne and Simon were married, they moved to the Massachusetts Bay Colony with a group of Puritans, including Anne’s parents and siblings.
While a sickly child, Anne’s father made sure that his daughter was well educated. In those days that didn’t happen very often and she was indeed blessed by God for a father that saw to her education. Anne wrote poetry and it was beautiful poetry! She had a way with words! The two things I would really love to read by her are “Meditations of Divine and Moral” and “The Tenth Muse.”
In this book I learned about the Puritans and how they thought and believed about things. We think of Puritans as stuffy and I don’t want to ruin it, but I was fascinated by what I learned. A wonderful story about a wonderful woman who was ahead of her time! What a blessing!


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