Stuff . . . now that’s a creative title! :)

Grace and her chicken, “Cocoa.”
Are they not adorable together??

Ryan found a heart in his cereal the one day.

Grace found one, too!

The chicks found our front porch last week.
I had my tomato plants out there until I learned chicken
LOVE tomatoes. Now the tomatoes are in the house.

The chickens are dusting and keeping cool in the shade.
They hang around the house and in the bushes a lot.
They are afraid of being devoured by a hawk.
I would be, too.

This is their temporary home.
Look at the leaves!
Fall has definitely arrived!

I love the pretty color of leaves this time of year.
The smell outside is wonderful, too.
I love the smell of the fallen, crunchy leaves.

I found this leaf with a heart.
I had so much fun with this leaf!
I only put 3 of the 10-12 pictures with the leaf overlay.
The 3 pictures below are my favorites!
My 3 favorite people in the world!

We have been watching family movies lately.
I’ve been real sentimental since.
Really sentimental.
“Tearing up” sentimental.
Maybe just mental? πŸ˜‰
Time has gone so fast since we brought home our chubby, healthy babies!
Way. Too. Fast!
In other news, I hammered some nails in the chicken coop.
Yeah, I swung that hammer and missed the nail a lot!
But I did help out the hubby some.
Have I mentioned that I almost hate that thing now?
The rest of the week has been consumed with school.
Have I mentioned that I do love school this year?
I’ll save that for the school blog.

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