Summary of Week 3

I am obviously a little late getting to this, but I’ll keep it short and sweet. If last week is how school is supposed to go every week, than I am super happy! Things went along so smoothly most of the time. It really helps that I had encouragement and some advice with SWR.

The boys are doing ok with SWR. Ryan just hates spelling and reading, but he needs to learn it the proper way and I think it’ll really help him out. Pray that he’ll change his attitude in this department. He is my toughest child to deal with – quite the challenger.
Nathan and I were waiting on his new book to come in, so we’ll begin tackling his spelling better this week. He did miss several words from his list last week, so we’ll practice them this week. I’m going to make this week better for him!
Grace LOVES spelling! She did her test on Friday and got all 20 words correct and wanted to do more! I told her she’ll get her new word list today. 🙂 Yay for an excited speller!
Math U See is wonderful! The kids all like their math. Nathan especially loves it! Ryan has hit his wall, I think. He’s doing ok though. Grace is moving along with her math. She’s far ahead of what I had planned to this point, so I am happy!
We enjoyed learning about bubbles and cohesion in Science last week. We’ve also been reading through God’s World News and working on pages in our State notebooks. We have yet to begin music, but we’ll do that soon!
I’m off to begin our new week of school! Week #4, here we come! 🙂

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