Post 400!! Weekend in Review

Friday we did some work on the chicken coop. That is my story lately. πŸ™‚ There is an end in sight, but there is a lot of work on the inside and some on the outside that needs finished.
Saturday morning I went in to Chicora (our booming metropolis) and bought some pastries for breakfast. Hard Ware Treats. I was bummed by the quality of the Eau Claires. 😦 The one I was eating had a bit of mold on it and was a bit stale. Noticed stale before mold unfortunately! lol
Here are more pictures from out weekend. Grace is our resident “Chicken Whisperer.”
They love her and allow her to handle them. Eric and I figure it’s because she’s closest to the ground and less scary to the birds.


She loves her chicken (rooster) “Cocoa.”

He loves her, too. He even goes to sleep on her lap!
She picks him up and puts him down all the time.
It’s kind of sick really. πŸ™‚
She makes her dad and mom jealous
because they can’t do that.
No one can. The chicks run away from us all the time!
AND they are fast little buggers.
It also makes it hard to trade a few of the roosters for hens.

Had Eric take a picture of me sawing the floor out of the coop.
I had to have proof that I was working. πŸ™‚

Hard at work.
There are still some parts of the wall unfinished at this point.

The back side of the chicken coop.
~This is Sunday~
All walls completely up now – woo hoo!

Eric’s brother came over and helped out yesterday.
Eric took the other half of the plywood floor out in the
morning. The plywood was ruined by rain.
Eric’s brother put some OSB on the floor – like a puzzle.
We didn’t want to waste what we had in the shed.
They worked together with the door.
I’m glad because I am puny and I know nothing of doors.

Eric was talking to his brother and I
thought this was a nice picture from the inside of the coop.

My fall crop of spinach. Experimental crop.

The kids playing slip and slide on the kitchen floor.
I need to figure out how to put a video on here (from my computer).
School has been wonderful today. I can’t tell you what a
non-Monday this has been! Makes me happy!
I’ll talk about that further in our homeschool blog.
Yay for a wonderful weekend.
The smell of fall is in the air . . .

2 thoughts on “Post 400!! Weekend in Review

  1. THAT is one fancy chicken coop, my dear πŸ™‚ Floor looks great! Thanks for being part of my Faithful Friday Followers Hop. Hope you're meeting lots of great friends!

  2. Hi Robin! Thanks for stopping by! Yes, it IS a fancy chicken coop. My hubby's creation (his first building mostly made by himself)! πŸ™‚ We are weary of the project at this point. lol It should be done son though. He's going to insulate it this evening and we have to get OSB for the inside (probably some paint, too). We'll move the dusty chicks inside soon – I hope! πŸ™‚

    Love the blog hop! I met some new friends last week and look forward to meeting more this week. πŸ™‚

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