Summary of Week 2

Monday: Labor Day, but I had the kids do just a tiny bit of Math (tests mostly).

Tuesday: Good day mostly, but the chaos started with SWR. It wasn’t terrible, but I was quite unsure of myself and where to go with my oldest.
Wednesday: Science project using as seen in the pictures below. The kids got to play with Corn Starch mixed with water. That stuff is SO fun! We were talking about viscosity and how the mixture was or wasn’t viscous.

The downside to the cornstarch project was the MESS! Ick! But they loved it and I think it helped get the point across. I think. If not, at least they’ll remember that they played with corn starch mixed with water during school.

Aside from the fun science project, the rest of Wednesday wasn’t so great. Math is always fun, so that wasn’t the problem. The main problem was with our oldest son and his Spell to Write and Read. Ugh, it was so confusing and I was so discouraged. I’m doing the younger 2 together and following along with the guide in the back of the SWR book.
Thursday: It was a repeat of Wednesday, but different son and over silly stuff. I’m just glad I got to talk to someone (Thanks, Jen!) and get some direction and help with my oldest son, and encouragement from her and from another friend (Thanks, Liz!).
Friday: We were all glad it was Friday. See, the kids were taking a break and racing across the kitchen floor for a bit of a break. We’ve been enjoying our Bible Study each day. Today we talked about the faith of Abraham and how he looked forward to Jesus’ sacrifice and how today we look back at Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins. They were curious why Abraham and others in the Old Testament had to offer animal sacrifices and today they FINALLY learned WHY! 🙂

Some silliness while getting ready to do our science project today. 🙂 Yes, those are baby diapers that we used in our project today.
They got to fill the first diaper with as much water as it could hold and see what happened to it. They rather enjoyed the diaper getting all bloated and had fun pouring water until it could hold no more. We kept track of how much water to would hold until it leaked.
The second diaper we got to take the inside stuffing of the diaper out and measure it. Then we kept track of how much water we put into the plastic bag and saw how the “stuff” inside grew.
It was quite fun (and a little messy since they liked to play in the gel stuff). Could be the kinds of diapers, but the stuff inside the bag held way more water than the other diaper.
It was a fun time and the kids enjoyed a little destruction and mess and learning about different types of materials and how they feel and what makes them do what they did. They got to compare the corn starch and water activity to the soaking diaper activity.
Math was good, as usual. English went well this morning and SWR went well! We talked about vowels and consonants and syllables and made a page at the back of our spelling books about them. Ryan got a little frustrated, but after he settled down he did just fine. Nathan had already finished this page in his book, so he would help me out every once in a while and give an answer the others didn’t know. Grace was totally enjoying the entire dictation/writing process! HUGE SIGH of RELIEF today! 🙂
After school the kids did some reading and are now enjoying some game time on the xbox and nintendo DSi. Yay for the weekend and then we start week 3 Monday morning! 🙂

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