Blog Post Titles

I’ve been quite busy lately and I’ve been itching to sit down and really write something. My time is just either really taken up or I’m wasting it doing absolutely nothing. It’s always one or the other. I do waste an obscene about of time.

Each day I have a blog title or two and think out what I’d like to write. Here are some examples of titles:
1. Gleanings From Chickens

2. Marriage and Why So Many Are Failing (in my opinion, of course)

3. R.I.P. Popeye (our chick we lost)

4. Wisdom From Children

5. Where is My Time??

6. Oh Chicken Coop, How Weary I Am of You!

7. Exercise, What is That? (yeah I’ve not been doing anything lately)

8. My Spiritual Struggles (which are directly related to my wasting time)

9. The Chickens That Live Under the Porch (OR) The Bush Living Chickens

10. What A Week!

11. Book Review (AFTER I finish reading it – I’m almost done)!
12. What Happened to My Brain? (I can’t string coherent thoughts together anymore)
13. Why We’re Not At AWANA This Year

14. Chicken Coop Madness (can you tell it’s getting to me??)!

15. I REALLY Need a Haircut!

16. Laundry Pile That Doesn’t Fold and Put Itself Away
Those are just some titles and blogs written in my mind. I’m off to wake the children and get this party started! Friday. Woo Hoo! After a mostly frustrating school week (which I will blog about in our homeschool blog), I am thinking today will be MUCH better!
Happy Friday!


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