Week 1 finished, week 2 starts in the am.

The one morning I took a picture while we were doing our
Bible study. The kids first “class” of the day.
They are obviously awake. 🙂

Building numbers with the Math U See blocks.
The kid’s favorite subject! Woo Hoo!

Nathan working on his math.

Grace also working on her math.

Ryan also working on his math. Look at his pencil go! 🙂
They all love Math – did I mention that already?
This week we’ll be taking a break from our State History
and will be working through our God’s World News magazines.
The kids LOVED doing this last year and I did, too!
We learn a lot from it and enjoy the activities.
One thing I learned last week was that their Science
(Investigate the Possibilities) is HARD! We’re going to
scale back on some of the questions and enjoy the investigation activities.
I might just ask easier questions to see what they learn from the
experiments and move along.
Ryan is more advanced than Grace when it comes to SWR.
I think I’ll keep speeding along with Ryan and
slow it down a little with Grace. She’s learning her letters
in cursive and loves to do that, she just likes to do them slower.
Ryan writes in cursive already, so he is reviewing how to write them.
The day after tomorrow they’ll be starting to learn their words!
Ryan will learn 20 words, Grace will learn 10.
I should get on the SWR yahoo group and
ask questions about Nathan’s level.
He starts in Section O and I’m not sure
what I am doing with him completely.
The only other subject I need to prepare for in the morning
is Nathan’s and Ryan’s English. They need to work on their
prepositions and learn them a little better, so we will
probably play a game with them.
I just have to come up with the game!
We’re enjoying school, for the most part.
That is a HUGE improvement from last year!
Change IS good!

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