Weekend In Review

This is “Poop Shoe.” He found a toad on Friday and was quite
thrilled with his catch. Don’t know if he ate it, but he did play
with it for quite a while. How Gross!

It rained on Friday or Saturday (ugh, I can’t remember) and the
chicks took a bit to figure out that the bush they were hiding under
didn’t really offer that much protection. They were glad to have
some food and water and a dry place to hang out until the storm was over.

We think this is a turkey buzzard. All I know is this wing span was HUGE!
I tried to get a good picture, but zoomed in, this was as good as I could get.

Yesterday Grace and I were picking spinach and green peas.
It was pretty fun! These are going to hopefully be next years crops!

These are the seeds cleaned up and shelled, etc.
I have a lot of peas for next year!

This is a future buck. See the nubs on his head?
Eric pointed that out to me this morning.
I didn’t know. 🙂

We have all 4 walls up, except for the top parts, obviously.
Eric is making nailers and putting them inside around the
top part of the walls. The T-111 bows a little and that is not allowed!
Eric’s also making nailers in the triangle part of the roof
(you can see below a little).

This obviously shows the window side and the chicken door.
We have to re-do the floor inside and finish up the inside stuff after
Eric is done with the top of the walls. I did a lot of painting this weekend and
am glad that the major painting is over! Woo Hoo!
Today we lost a chick. At first we thought it was a bird of prey,
but we found a trail of chicken feathers and so now we’re thinking
it could be a fox. Our neighbor’s have been having trouble with foxes, too.
Nasty little beasts!
Grace was the one that notified us that a chick was missing.
So I sent the kids out to look around the yard and poor Grace found the chick.
The chick was obviously mauled and I hope she didn’t see
much of it. Grace sure did cry, so I sat and held her for a while.
It’s sad that she was the one to find the bird.
I think she’s a bit traumatized, but she will make it.
Should I see a fox, I have a .22 ready to go and take care of business.
I hope.
I am a terrible shot.
Ask the 2 groundhogs I have shot.

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