Day Two!

I’m soooooo glad today wasn’t like yesterday! We enjoyed school SO MUCH today!

Today we kept on schedule and I used the timer for each subject and we were done just after 11 this morning. All 3 kids did extra in their math (of their own free will) and totally enjoyed it! I had the timer set for 30 minutes of math and when it went off, we were done. They liked that idea, a lot. Nathan finished up what I had planned out for him the rest of the week, just has to do a test tomorrow. Grace finished her weeks worth also. Ryan, almost. He will finish tomorrow. I’m glad because I would really like the boys to finish their current books and move on to the next as quickly as they they are able to finish them.
Spelling . . . Nathan started writing a paper about himself. Being a typical boy, he wrote about 3 lines and said he couldn’t think of anything else. He’ll be writing more on Friday. We went over the phonograms (all 4 of us). Ryan and Grace are working on writing their letters in cursive as they learn the letters by sound. We’re trying to avoid using letter names and use the sounds instead. I think I’ll make a game out of that and maybe get candy as a reward for remembering to use the sounds. 🙂 Grace really enjoys learning cursive. Ryan is a perfectionist and gets irritated easily if he can’t get it right the first time. He needs to get over that!
Today I had the boys go over their preposition list. They are learning them and will probably have them learned by Friday – if they keep doing what they are doing. I was sent this song to help remember prepositions:
Prep A Doodle Dandy
Provided by Trevor & Carmin Clifton
With, on, for, after, at, by, in
Against, instead of, near, between,
Through, over, up, according to,
Around, about, beyond, into,
Until, within, without, upon,
From, above, across, along,
Toward, before, behind, below,
Beneath, beside, during, under,
Unto, concerning, among, amid,
Atop, inside, but, outside,
Off, regarding, except, down, out,
Past, since, throughout, of, underneath.
*Thank you, Dr. Wanda C. Phillips, for sending this to me!
I sing it, but the boys look at me like I’m crazy. I figure, as long as they’re listening I will sing it. It’s not pretty, but if you make it goofy enough they are bound to remember!
It being Tuesday, we looked at our music books. Just wanted the kids to see what they’ll be learning this year. Their cousin will be doing this course along with us.
After looking at their music book, I had all 3 of them draw a picture of whatever they wanted for Art. While they drew their pictures, I read 2 chapters from Little House In the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder and we called it a school day. I’m very happy with how school went today and am thankful God answered my prayers!

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