First Day of School!

My cute scholars!

Ah, yes. Monday. The first day of school for us. I was up before the crack of dawn waiting for the time to wake the kids for chores and school.

Things were slow going on the kid’s end. Once they got up and moving around they started their chores, then ate breakfast and we started our school day around 8:30.
We started out working on Day One in Wisdom’s House for Kidz by Patty May (Miracle Mountain Ranch). We started with the Pillar of Faith and talked about the wise man and foolish man and what kind of foundation we, as Christians, need to build our lives. So far, so good! We really enjoyed that study and look forward to continuing it tomorrow!

After our Bible study we let the chicks out of the temporary home and the kids had a little break. Math was next on the schedule. It was pretty good and from what I could tell the kids really enjoyed it. They really enjoyed playing with the manipulatives and I’m glad they enjoyed their math time!

Spelling was next and it was like a circus! Whew, I will be glad once we get settled into a groove with this subject! Today we just went through the phonogram cards (everyone) and I gave Nathan his spelling test so I could figure out where he starts. He did well, considering he didn’t much of anything over the summer.

We read through the prepositions in the boy’s Easy Grammar books today, just as an introduction. Didn’t do anything else with that, but may do something fun with it tomorrow.

Science and State History were introduced today, as well.

There always seems to be one kid in the crowd that isn’t thrilled with much of anything. Today it was Nathan. Tomorrow could be Ryan or Grace. I just never know, but I pray they will have a good day tomorrow.

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