Grace’s Hair . . . and a few other things.

It was almost funny. Almost.
Then I realized I had to get these little buggers out of her hair.
Ummm, yeah, so I googled.

I didn’t really find much, but vegetable oil and a fine tooth comb.
This was for someone’s dog’s hair.
So I got some hair conditioner out and greased up the ends of her hair.
Most of them came out one by one.
The ones closer to her scalp needed help with the comb.

This was the hardest part of all.
But I have to say that Grace was ever so patient!
Of course, the alternative was a very short haircut and she
has been wanting to let her hair “get big” so cutting was out.

This is after. It’s so smooth and shiny again!
Mom and daughter were very relieved and thankful!
I need to look up what kind of weeds those things are.
They are a pain to get out of clothes, as well!

I have about 50 (not quite that many really) of these conditioners,
so I use them for all kinds of things.
It came in handy this evening!
The rest of the day I helped the hubby work on the cursed chicken coop roof.
I don’t really do much, but hand him supplies he needs. It does save him
trips up and down the ladder though, so that’s good!
We’ll both be glad when this project is DONE!
It’s still going to take some time to be completely done.
Again, thank you durango. 🙂
The hubby’s vacation started yesterday after work!! Yay!
He really needs the break from work and we need some family time.
We are planning on a couple fun things to do with the family in the coming week,
besides working on the chicken coop.
Along with the work outside, I have work inside, too.
I’m stressing about the first day of school!
I have the kids school curriculum lined up,
but the rest of the place is a mess!
I love spring cleaning the kitchen before school starts
so it’s all clean and shiny and smelling good!
That’s something I’m hoping so accomplish some time in the coming week.
Along with finishing some lesson prep.
Well, it’s late and I must get to bed.
I’ll try to blog from time to time in the coming week.
IF time allows!
God bless!

3 thoughts on “Grace’s Hair . . . and a few other things.

  1. I think I've seen those weeds before, but never in my daughter's hair. That had to have been a pain in the butt to remove. How did she get them in her hair, anyway?

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