August/September Menu Ideas:

1. Hot dogs (fire pit) and s’mores
2. Chicken Enchilada Casserole (from WW book Simply the BEst p. 128) 5pts
3. Shish-ka-bobs (chicken, veggies, beef)
4. Hamburgers and cole slaw
5. Sweet & Sour Chicken over brown rice
6. Ribs and baked beans
7. Leftovers
8. Veggie Tostadas (good carb better carb cookbook p.176- 4pts per serving) tacos for the kiddos
9. Babyback ribs and baked french fries
10. Stuffed mushrooms and salad and/or green beans. (chicken for kids)
11. Homemade pizza & veggies & chips (reg. pizza for kids, “special” pizza for Eric and I – look for shells of some sort that are light)
12. Baked chicken and Linguine with Herbed Butter (pg 93. Cook it Quick) (sautéed mushrooms or something to go with)
13. Cowboy French Toast Bake ( (try using sourdough bread instead of texas toast)
14. Leftovers
15. Cucumber Salad (with fat free italian)
16. Chicken w/ (low fat)Cream of Chicken/Wild Rice stuffed green peppers.
17. Veal Burgers with Feta (Cook It Quick, pg 50)
18. Breakfast dinner (eggs, omelets, turkey bacon)
19. Homemade pizza (Greek Pizza, pg. 54, Cook It Quick)
20. Chili –Beef Quesadillas (Cook It Quick, pg. 88)
21. Leftovers
22. Ribs and baked beans
23. Peirogies w/sauteed onions
24. Black Beans and Rice (tasty kitchen recipe)
25. Chi Chi’s Seafood Enchilada/Cancun ( recipe bookmarked online)
26. Chalupas (Simply the Best p. 188)
27. Hot dogs and veggies or salad
28. Bacon/Spinach Pizza/reg. pizza for kids
29. Burgers and beans
30. Chili/cheese fries

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