What a Week!!

Starting with Saturday, we got all the roof boards up.
So we thought.
Here Eric realized that there is more to do before we actually put the roof on.
His vacation starts tomorrow after work and we plan on almost
finishing this crazy project up on part of the vacation.
We also plan on doing a few fun things as a family, after it’s done.

Sunday we had planned on working on the coop, BUT
it was yucky out so I canned green beans.

This brings my total quart jars to 14.

Also, Sunday, I planned school for the month of September.
That took a lot of time, but it was fun! πŸ™‚

Just a cute picture of Grace.

And a cute picture of Nathan.

The chicks roaming around the yard eating grass and bugs.

Ryan trying to find a spot for his tree stand that he made.
And just because he’s cute.

My view of a sunset one evening.
I had to go in the neighbor’s field to get a good picture.
We obviously don’t see many sunsets since we’re surrounded by trees.
I love sunsets!
And I miss them.

The chick’s temporary home.
We HAD to move them out of the basement.
They were perching on the box we had them in,
and what messy creatures they are!
They’ve stayed in the “playhouse” 3 nights now.
It’s funny, in the evenings, when it’s time for them to go in
they’ll stand in the house and squawk for a bit.
It’s a very loud squawking.
I didn’t know chicken did this.
Is this normal?

This is what we found the next morning.
Happy chicks!

We like watching them after we open the door.
They eat like no tomorrow and are just cute.

Yesterday I picked this from my garden.
Missing from the picture is a huge bowl of spinach.
That is my 3rd batch of beans. I’m thinking about giving some away.
14 quarts in the basement is a lot.
Anyone want a few cucumbers? πŸ™‚

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