My First Product Review!

In July I received an email asking if I would like to try a couple products from At first I thought it might not be legit, but a friend of mine (that does reviews from time to time on her blog) had done a review on a couple of their products and told me to have fun with it.
The following is MY opinion on the products and what I think about them.
While I don’t exactly subscribe to the whole “green” movement, I’ve been reading up on chemicals in pretty much everything we use daily. Cleaning products, soap, shampoo and the list goes on . . . that have chemicals that may or may not harm us with prolonged exposure. has a page on “What is Green” and there are interesting links to other articles at the bottom of the page.
These are the products that I chose to use and review.

I absolutely love the Coconut Bar Soap! It laters up nicely and has a soft, subtle coconut scent. Grace (who has sensitive skin) and I have been using it and really like it!

The laundry liquid I used right away. It came on July 29th and I washed 2 small loads, then a large load because I was so curious how it would work. The ingredients to the Laundry Liquid are HERE . I totally loved the eucalyptus smell while the clothes were washing. I washed A LOT of laundry from the 29th of July until August 9th (when I ran out of the laundry liquid). My husband’s one white shirt had a couple stains on it and I applied the Laundry Liquid to the stains and scrubbed, then washed as normal. When it came out of the dryer, those stains were gone! I was quite excited because I had washed the shirt before and the stains hadn’t come out.
For me the drawback is price, especially for the Laundry Liquid. I washed 12 or so loads of laundry with the 16 oz size (large loads mostly) following the directions on the bottle. The bath soap has lasted quite a while and I do like that!
I do appreciate their efforts in creating great, chemical-free products. I believe, as a Christian, that God does want us to be good stewards of all the things He has given us and I do want to be able to keep my family healthy and as chemical free as possible. I’ve enjoyed trying and reviewing ‘s products.

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