Weekend In Review

It was a lovely weekend, though chilly for our area, as of late. Thankfully it warmed right back up to nearly 90 today. I don’t do so well in the cold weather and prefer it stays away for as long as possible!
Saturday morning/afternoon Eric, the kids and I went to our local home building stores (big orange and big blue stores, you know of which I speak) to buy some supplies to start the roof of our chicken’s new palace. It was a little funny because Eric couldn’t remember what his plans were since it sat for a month. So Saturday we just unloaded the wood and stuff.
To my pleasant surprise I found 2 boxes sitting on the porch when we returned from the stores. It was a box of my kids English and a box of their Spelling program (which I will go into further detail on my HOMESCHOOL BLOG) That update will come in a couple days. I’ve been super busy trying to get into the curriculum and help with the chicken coop, etc, etc.

While the kids and I were at church on Sunday, Eric worked out the math and figured exactly what he was going to do on the roof. Then last night Eric and I worked on that and we will be working it on again this evening. I will be SO GLAD to have that thing finished and the chicks moved into it. They are dusty creatures and what they area always putting in their water is quite disgusting! I won’t go in to details since it’s about dinner time, but I’m sure you can imagine.
Today has been a very productive day! The kids and I started their new chore chart and chore system and they seemed to enjoy it – I’m sure that will change over time, but we’ll be excited about it for as long as possible!
After cleaning up, we took the chicks outside and then I got busy sanding and cleaning up the exposed wood on the chicken coop. After sitting for a while, it has gotten a little mildew and messy. Now the coop (skeleton) is mostly painted a nice chocolaty brown. I’ll post pictures of it in another post.
Well, I’m currently burning dinner, so I better get going.

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