Look Out, Crickets!

Yes, this is a roasted cricket.
Why, you ask?

See this cute, smiling boy?
He WANTED to eat it. You heard right, Wanted to!
While watching Man Vs. Wild, good ol’ Bear said it was good.
Some other show, said Ryan, also said it was good and he wanted to see if it was true.
Being a bit squeamish, I didn’t think he would do it, so I didn’t worry.

I watched him with my camera on continuous shot.
This is his first nibble of said cricket

Not too bad, says the boy.
Then nibbles some more.

This is a “hmmm, what does this taste like?” shot.
I thought he would spit it out.
Or throw up.

But no, he was trying to describe its flavor after he thought about it.

Ta-da! “Yes, I really liked it!” See my HUGE smile.
And he would have done it again, if he could have found another one.
Thankfully, the crickets pretty much got out of there.

Not to be out done by his son . . .
Eric had to find a cricket and toast it on the fire, as well.
He couldn’t have his son say that he did something his dad wouldn’t do.
Eric admitted he would have never done it if Ryan hadn’t done it.

Chewing the cricket and trying to describe the flavor.
It is said to have a nutty taste.
I wouldn’t know because I didn’t eat one.
Thankfully they couldn’t find any more crickets!
Eric wanted me to eat one and I really am not that hungry.
The chicks like crickets, too, but they like them raw.
I would eat it roasted before I would eat one raw.
IF I would ever eat one. šŸ™‚
A word to crickets, HIDE!

4 thoughts on “Look Out, Crickets!

  1. I don't think Mason would go for that at all. I can't even get him to eat a taco. Although, he did almost eat a grasshopper when he was two. My response was probably what made him phobic of bugs. I like the pic of Eric!

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