Remembering Pap

Pap reading to my cousin Ben a long time ago.

He always made his rounds and visited his (local) children pretty much every day.
He would “rest his eyes” a lot.
Resting his eyes involved snoring and it was very cute!
I miss his visits and miss visiting him.

I took this picture of Pap and I some time ago.
I didn’t write the year down, but I’m going to guess 1997.
Pardon my ghostly (or is it ghastly) appearance.
Two years ago today we lost Pap and it’s hard to believe it has been
that long already. Other times it seems like just yesterday that he was with us.
He taught me how to fish, bought me my first bike and loved me from the time he met me and all the way through each stage of my life. I’m thankful for the loving man he was and that I had the privilege of knowing and loving him back!
Love and miss you, Pap.

2 thoughts on “Remembering Pap

  1. What a treasure he must have been! My grandfather is a gift as well. I love that you're honoring him here. What a blessing! Praying for you as you remember and miss him.

  2. Thanks for your prayers, Kristin. Yes, he was quite a character and such a sweetheart! He always had something to say and sometimes his sayings were so funny, but peppered with wisdom. šŸ™‚

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