A Few More Websites

Here are a few more homeschool sites that a friend of mine from THL.

I got a State History page from my new friend Judy – check out her BLOG.

Here is a copy of the State History page:

You will be creating a scrapbook on our state of _______________________.
In order to gather information for your project, you will need to research facts about our state by reading books, studying online, and making personal observations and/or conducting relevant interviews, you will be able to answer the questions below, and design a colorful, unique, and interesting scrapbook that you can save and share with others.
You will be graded on presentation, (how neat and organized it is) as well as creativity, and how well you answer the questions. Spelling is to be corrected BEFORE you enter something into your scrapbook!
I hope you will enjoy this project and learn a bit about this beautiful state in which we live. After answering all of the questions, there will be space at the back of your scrapbook to add anything you might want to share that was not included in the questions. (In other words, during your research, if you learn something interesting that is not covered in the questions, write it down in your notes, and save it for the end of your scrapbook).
Have fun! Do your best! Happy Learning!
You may design the cover of your scrapbook before or after you complete the project. You might want to wait until you learn a little about your state, because that information might give you some ideas for your cover.
1. What is the name of the state in which you live, and how did it get its name?
2. What is the population of your state?
3. What is the MOTTO of your state?
4. What is your state song?
5. Who founded your state? When?
6. What is your state flower?
7. What is your state bird?
8. What does your state flag look like and what do the symbols on it represent?
9. What is the early history of your state?
10. What are the main sources of agriculture in your state?
11. What are the main industries in your state?
12. What are the predominant religions practiced in your state?
13. What are some of the major cities in your state?
14. What is the capital of your state?
15. Who is the Governor of your state?
16. Who are your State Representatives?
17. What are the main bodies of water in your state?
18. Describe the landscape of yours state? (mountains? flat? mostly rural or city? lakes or rivers?, etc…)
19. What sorts of wildlife are common to your state?
20. Anything you want to add…(more information, write a poem, attach pictures, etc…)
CONGRATULATIONS! You have completed the State History project, and hopefully have learned some fun and interesting things about ____________________!
I am quite excited about having the kids make a scrapbook/notebook about our state this year. It will be a fun experience for all of us!


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