Bike Trip!

The family all ready to go to Oil Creek State Park.

All our bikes in the back of the truck.

Grace got a new set of wheels and a new helmet.
She had outgrown her little kid bike and was quite thrilled with her new ride!
*sniff sniff

The bridge we always stop on and look over.
A very nice and relaxing creek to look at.
Ryan claims he’s scared of being on bridges these days.

Yay, they made it 9 miles one way!
I’m very proud of them!

Me with the kids.

Eric with the kids.

Nice little stream along the way.

At the end of the trail! 18 miles on bikes!
We went 4 hours on the bikes, with a few breaks here and there.
Eric says he wants to redesign bicycle seats and become a millionaire.
Bicycle seats REALLY hurt!
It was such a nice day yesterday. The weather was perfect!
We rode around in the morning and went to yard sales (didn’t find much),
then we decided to go to the bike trail. It was Nathan’s idea. 🙂
The way home was quite boring until we were between Slippery Rock
and Butler on Route 8. We nearly hit a man in a wheelchair!
It’s dark, the man has no reflectors on his clothes, he wasn’t being assisted.
Eric, at the last minute, saw the man’s wheelchair catch a little light and we swerved out of the way. God was definitely guiding us and we are so thankful we didn’t hit him!
As to why he was going across Route 8, in the dark, with no reflectors, is a mystery to us.
It was an all round wonderful day otherwise!

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