Not So Wordless Wednesday

I’ve been wanting to sit down and write something in here for a couple days now, but time has escaped me. Amazing how that happens in the busyness of summer!

First of all, I have been trying hard in my devotions and Scripture memorization daily. I finished James 1 and I think I have it pretty good, but I am still reading over it just to try to keep it in my head (nothing much stays in my head lately, it’s sad). James 2:1-5 is going well and I’ve started on verses 6-13. I’ve been faithful 5 out of 7 days so far.
Last weekend was really great! I love when Eric is home for an extended weekend! Saturday morning we headed out and went to yard sales. It was so much fun! The kids brought their money and bought a few things, so they had a great time as well! The first one we went to had some Pampered Chef items. I bought a couple of them since they were so cheap and we also bought some other things. Don’t know if I actually needed this stuff, but I bought it anyway. It was cheap and it was fun! The kids wanted a kitten from this one place, they were free. I just couldn’t do it though. The thought of a kitten is cute, but it’s work and I’m not keen on the fur in the house (plus the leather on the new couch with a kitten’s claws, yeah, not a good mix).
After we went to a few yard sales we went to East Brady and hung out there for a few minutes on the one dock. We stopped at another yard sale on the way back home and found the one back tire was low on air. That evening we went to Eric’s parent’s for a cookout/fireworks, as previous grouse post mentioned. Well, their neighbor works on tires, so he looked at it and found a piece of nail in the tired. He plugged it and rotated our tires – so very nice! He didn’t take any money, so I’m going to pay in goodies. 🙂
The fireworks were nice. The other neighbors had some fireworks at Eric’s parent’s (they have the biggest open yard), so they lit them and we all enjoyed them.
On July 4th, we went to church in the morning. This is my month to teach children’s church. We had our class in the library at church – totally not the norm. It’s a small room, BUT it was for a wonderful reason. There was a boy visiting and he is wheelchair bound, so we accommodated him and his helper/mother (I’m not sure, but she was really sweet) and held the class in the library. There were 11 kids in there that morning. We had a crowded, but blessed time! We talked about being thankful and I tied it into being thankful for America and for the blessings God has given us in this land and for the salvation we have through Jesus. Our visitor was just precious and I’m thankful for all the children at church. They were very well behaved in the crowded room and I just have to applaud them here! 🙂
On the way home from church we stopped at another yard sale, then hung out at home for the day. Eric was quite exhausted from our busy Saturday. In the evening I took the kids to watch a fireworks display in our local area. I was glad I didn’t have to go all the way into Butler to watch the display there! It was really nice and was quite popular from the size of the crowd that was there.
Monday we decided to go fishing! I haven’t been fishing in YEARS! We had to go to our least favorite store (which is probably everyone’s least favorite store) and purchase fishing license for Eric and I. Then we bought some food to have as a picnic lunch, since we were all hungry anyway, and headed out to Lake Arthur (Moraine State Park). We went to this nice little cove and fished there. We didn’t get many. I got 4 little blue gill and Eric got 2 little bass. We threw them all back so they could grow. Next time we fish I am going to try a lure. I love fishing with a bobber, but I do hate putting worms on the hook. The kids enjoyed it for the most part, but it was HOT! We were in a shady area most of the day, thankfully! Ryan and Grace each caught a little bluegill and Nathan didn’t catch anything. Of course, if you don’t fish, you don’t catch fish. Nathan is not patient when it comes to much of anything, but he did enjoy searching for and finding ants and other insects.
Yesterday was a library day. It was a great day for a trip to the library! The weather has been very hot here. It’s nice to actually have a HOT steamy summer! Thank God for this weather! Honestly, I’d rather sweat than freeze! We got some fun books and look forward to reading them these hot days.
Today my children woke me with “Mom, there’s a deer in the garden!!!!” I jumped out of bed SO FAST! We have our garden fenced in, and there in the fence was one of the fawns! Our fence needs some work now, but I tried helping it out as much as I could. I am scrawny and not very strong, but I did the best I could until Eric gets home. I’ll be posting some pictures of our weekend and garden next.
Have a wonderfully HOT day!

One thought on “Not So Wordless Wednesday

  1. So happy about Children's Church! Very cool accomodation:)

    Love all that you've been able to do this summer. How fun!!!!!

    Enjoy these summer days!

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