Grouse . . .it’s what’s for dinner!

We were driving along minding our own business when we saw something fly in front of the vehicle. Looking behind us we saw feathers everywhere!

Just a small picture of the feathers.
Of course we looked for the bird we hit.
Eric saw enough of it to know it was a grouse (before we found it).
He went up one way, I went the other looking for the bird.

He found it on his side of the road (thankfully).
I had to get a picture of him and his “hit.”
So we took it to his parent’s house this evening,
that’s where we were going anyway.
We were going to a cook out.

Eric took the bird to the creek and proceeded to
prepare it so we could eat it.
We figured that we hit it and we didn’t just want it to go to waste.

Here is the breast meat of the grouse.
I put some butter on it and Eric’s mom had some seasoning stuff she ground on it.
We wrapped it up in foil and threw it on the grill. The above picture is after it was done cooking.

Eric’s parent’s neighbors were having dinner with us as well.
Everyone got to try the grouse. The neighbor described it pefectly!
It had the texture and chewiness of steak, but the flavor of bird (chicken as everyone says about anything unusual).

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