Not So Wordless Wednesday

So the drama begins with Grace wanting to get the tooth on the right out
(her left actually).

Did she want her Momma to pull it out?
No! She wanted her Ryan to pull it out.

Oh the tears!

LOTS of huge crocodile tears!
She was determined to get it out though.

Ryan was taking a break and making her laugh.

He has that look of determination here.
That tooth is almost out.

Almost . . .

Taa Daa! All out! The joy in the house at this moment was tangible!
AND . . .Ryan wanted a dollar for pulling Grace’s tooth. lol
On gardening … It has been a rough year for me with the garden.
Things are finally growing again, but it’s just so sad looking.
I am praying things grow well. The rain we had Monday evening was so hard that I am not sure the garden really did well with it. Thankfully most of my green bean plants are still standing. The rows of spinach and green peas look good, so far. Now to keep the buggy bugs away!
I’ve spent the last 2 days cleaning and reorganizing the basement. We have stuff to get rid of – if anyone’s interested we have a refrigerator that needs a home! šŸ™‚ There’s other stuff that Eric needs to go through and get rid of or sell. I threw out stuff that I knew I could throw out and not get in trouble. The basement also poses as a work area when Eric is doing anything on the house.
Speaking of house, the poor chicken coop/house is a mess. The rain the other night soaked the flooring and that is even having plastic and a tarp over it, plus a tarp as a roof. We haven’t been able to finish because of unexpected truck repairs (it had to get fixed to pass inspection). Next month is the durango’s turn for inspection and we can only imagine what that beast might need done. Back to chicken for a minute . . . our chicks should be hatching this week or next. It’s part of the reason I cleaned up the basement, they need a home until the coop is done.
The kid’s cousin is staying for a couple nights. She is Grace’s age and they just LOVE each other! They are pretty cute together. I love to hear them play and pretend (they are exceptionally good at playing Bambi). Last night, after the girls had a bath, I came upstairs to check out the situation and there in the bathroom is Ryan, combing Grace’s hair. He had already “done” Ayla’s hair. He put in a couple barrettes and combed out their knots. How cute is that?? Then this morning he got up and made them pancakes – he loves to cook.
It’s a beautiful day today and I am going to go spend it weeding the garden (such as it is)!

2 thoughts on “Not So Wordless Wednesday

  1. How sweet of your son to help his little sister with her loose tooth. The pictures almost made me cry. I love that you took pictures to document the momentous occasion!

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