Weekend in Review

The kids at a friend’s birthday party on Saturday.
They were waiting in line to whack the pinata.

Grace and her friend get along so well!
They are very cute together.

The birthday boy broke the pinata!

Scavenging for the candy after it broke.
The kids had a blast at the party.
So much so, that the birthday boy invited them to stay for a sleep over!
Wow, the kids were SO excited to stay.
Our friend’s only live a few minutes away from us, so I got them clean clothes.
They were very well behaved and made their mamma proud!

Yesterday we went to Megan’s graduation party.
She’s a sweetheart and I love her!
We have a mutual love of taking lots of pictures!

This morning I made this tasty fruit salad for breakfast.
Banana, kiwi, mango, and grapes (red and green).
Nathan has been begging me to try a mango for a LONG time.
Well, I was grocery shopping at our Farmer’s Market on Friday,
and since they were only .99 cents for a mango I purchased two.
I am glad I checked out the internet to see HOW to cut a mango.
While Eric and I had one before, I realized we didn’t cut it properly.
Friday was very busy for me.
I spent a lot of the day making my grocery list and getting ready for my big trip into town.
I did really well in the time department (amazingly, for a Friday night).
Arrived at the Farmer’s Market around 5:30 and got back home around 8:30.
That was after going to F.M., Sam’s, Aldi’s and Wal-Mart. Blah!
Grocery shopping is my least favorite activity.
Our chicks will be hatched some time this week or next. I gotta work on the basement before they get here. They will be camping out down there until we can finish the chicken coop.
Of course, all kinds of stuff happens and we have to put the coop on hold until August.
Amazing how vehicles need to get inspected and need some big repairs in order to pass.
This month is the truck, next month is the durango. We’re biting our nails (okay, maybe just I am biting my nails) over what the durango might need repaired to pass inspection. Guess we’ll find out then.
PLUS I am going to order the kids school stuff next month. Money comes and goes rather quickly, but that is life. We’ll get things done, just not as quickly as we had hoped.
Well, I must get busy doing something productive today (like shop vacuuming the basement).

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