Aww Twins!

I JUST saw these outside my back window/door.
They are so cute and obviously not looking at me. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Aww Twins!

  1. Oh they are precious!

    I once saw a mama deer trying to cross the road with her little twin babies. Poor thing was having a dickens of a time- one was waiting on one side and the other crossed with her. She went back to get the first one and the second one panicked and ran off. She came back to get the panicked one and… oh my, oh my! I was waiting in my car as I was afriad I'd hit one or the other, then finally I realized I was making them all terribly nervous just by being so close. I crept off, and I've always wondered what became of them.

  2. I haven't seen them since, but they might have been out earlier in the morning (I woke up late today). They are so sweet! I love watching mamma and baby deer!

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