Tea With My Daughter

Last night I decided to have another tea party with Grace.
We start each tea party with our devotional book.
Our devotions were about the things God made that were good and very good.
We reviewed the days of creation (she remembered them all!).
In the one column we drew what was good.
In the other column we drew what was very good to God.
I’m no artist, but it was fun to doodle with my girl. 🙂
The next page we did was “Sharing Our Thoughts.”
I read questions and we answered them together.
1.) What are two or three things you like about yourself?
2.) What are you good at doing?
3.) How can you show God you are thankful for your body and your talents?
Had to explain what talents are and I also had to consider things about myself that I don’t really want to think about. I had to realize that I have way too many complaints about myself. God made me the way I am and He said I/we are “very good.” I want Grace to know that God made her just the way she is and that she is beautiful just the way she is. Of course, as a 6 year old, she doesn’t really worry about this, but when those teen years approach she’s going to need the encouragement and reminders (oh the awkward teen years, I remember them so well).

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