Weekend in Review

I have not taken time to write much lately. This will be a short entry as well. My life has been busy since we finished school May 14th! ๐Ÿ™‚ We went to that homeschool convention at the beginning of this month and since then I’ve been excited about our next school year!

Friday Eric and I dug the last footer and tonight we’re going to fill the last 2 and be done with that part of the chicken coop! While we have nice weather we’re going to start building the frame and floor of the coop. I am so excited to really get started. I’m not a fan of digging holes and cementing (not that I personally cemented them, but watching my husband made me tired). ๐Ÿ™‚
Saturday was a rain-out. I was going to go grocery shopping, but with the encouragement of my husband, decided against it! I figured it would be awful hauling all those bags from each store, then into the house in the soaking rain. So we just hung around the house Saturday. Didn’t do much of anything, but some days are just nice like that. One thing that did happen was that Nathan made his first scrambled egg with his daddy’s coaching! I have pictures for all these events and I will post them when I have the time (which is not now).
Yesterday we went to church. Our church has a new website and Nathanael Flatt was introducing it to the church yesterday. You can visit the site HERE. They are doing a great job! It’s a work in progress, but what they’ve finished is really good!
After church we visited the Butler Farmer’s Market and bought a couple racks of spare ribs and some of the other grocery meats I needed from there. We bbq-ed the ribs on the grill using a spice rub we made and burned some cherry wood. We always seem to have problems with the grill stalling out about halfway through cooking. There has to be some secret, but we just can’t figure out how to make the ribs fall off the bone using the bbq method. My method is just to simmer them for a while (1-2 hours), then (when it’s cold anyway) I use our spice rub on them and bbq them with Sweet Baby Rays Hickory and Brown Sugar sauce and broil them. I think we’re going to try my method and then use the grill to complete them. That should be delicious!
So yesterday was my naughty eating day, but I’m back at it today. I, unfortunately, gained a half pound this week, but Eric lost 3! He’s down 10.5 pounds now! Yay for him! On this happy note, I must get going. My grocery shopping is calling me.

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