Tea With My Daughter

Found this wonderful idea at the homeschool convention!
So we bought the little tea set and devotional.
VERY cute idea!

I learned that you can’t really have the tea pot this full.
It makes a mess of the table! πŸ™‚

Grace signing the covenant, after I signed it.
It’s a covenant to grow together in Christ.

Pouring tea after I figured out that you can’t have the teapot too full.

Grace LOVED this tea and this time together!
I figure things in this book are a little beyond her,
so we’ll use it for a few year.
I love you, Grace!! Can’t wait for our next tea party!

3 thoughts on “Tea With My Daughter

  1. do you remember if this was at the pumpkin seed press booth? i heard a talk by the woman who ran that booth (shelley noonan) and it was all about the art of serving tea! πŸ™‚ i have tea with my bosy quite reguarly in the afternoon – especially on cold days. but not in a pretty little tea service like yours! πŸ™‚

  2. This was from the Generation of Virtue booth. I did look at the Pumpkin Seed Press booth, but thought that would be better in a couple years. I need to learn the art of tea. πŸ™‚ Maybe I'll add the boys in a tea time that's not Grace and I's special time. I just loved this idea! Eric will be working more with the boys in the fall when they get their electronic sets. They are all excited about doing that together!

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