May/June Menu Ideas

May/June Menu (dinner) Ideas
1. Chicken Saltimbocca (Good Carb, Better Carb p. 190) 4pts
2. Chicken Enchilada Casserole (from WW book Simply the BEst p. 128) 5pts
3. Shish-ka-bobs (chicken, veggies, beef)
4. hamburgers and vegetables
5. Cucumber Salad
6. Ribs and baked beans
7. Leftovers
8. Veggie Tostadas (Good Carb, Better Carb p.176- 4pts per serving) tacos for the kiddos
9. Shrimp scampi and salad
10. Grilled Salmon (Eric and I), hot dogs for the kids. grilled veggies on the side.
11. Homemade pizza & veggies & chips (reg pizza for kids, special pizza for Eric and I – look for shells of some sort that are light)
12. Lamb with couscous and vegetables
13. Pot roast and veggies (carrots and potatoes – small amount)
14. Leftovers
15. Cucumber Salad
16. Shish-ka-bobs (chicken, veggie,beef)
17. Veggie Tostadas (good carb better carb cookbook) tacos for the kiddos
18. Breakfast dinner (eggs, omlets, turkey bacon)
19. Homemade pizza
20. Mustard Crusted Roast Pork Tenderloin & Vegetables (G.C.B.C p.242- 4pts per serving)
21. Leftovers
22. Lemon garlic shrimp (TOH cooking show, pg 33) over brown rice
23. Lentils and Vegetables (tasty kitchen recipe)
24. Black Beans and Rice (tasty kitchen recipe)
25. BBQ Ribs (on the grill)
26. Pork Tenderloin and Perogies w/butter and onions
27. Hot dogs and veggies or salad (reg hot dogs for kids and Hebrew National lights for E and I).
28. Chicken/Spinach Pizza/reg pizza for kids
29. Burgers on the grill
30. Chicken and beef shish-ka-bobs on the grill
I’ve recently realized that I NEED to make a LUNCH menu for the next month as well. Free for all eating isn’t really that good at the noon hour. More fun ahead this afternoon! 🙂

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