Finished with ACE!

Last week the boys finished up their schoolwork and we are on “summer vacation” now! I have been so excited since our weekend at CHAP! Anyway, they completed all their paces and I put together their portfolios and they’ll be getting evaluated on Thursday! I am so excited to have that out of the way and turn in their stuff.

I’ve been reading The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling by Debra Bell. This book has been such an encouragement and so overwhelming at the same time! I’m excited to start planning and have already started planning some things for our next school year.
Here’s a loose outline for next year:
Math (5 days per week): Math U See and I think we’re going to try working on practical math in our daily lives when the opportunities present themselves.
Grammar (5 days per week): I’m still debating which Grammar program will work for us. So many choices! When the boys get evaluated on Thursday I’ll get to look at Shurley English. There’s a lot of Grammar programs out there. I struggle with finding what is best though.
Spelling (5 days per week): This is another area that I’m not sure which is the best program for us, but will be looking at Spell to Write and Read and I already like what I see in Spelling Power. So it’s between these 2 programs.
Science (3 days per week – M, W, F): We found this series at CHAP by Derosa & Reeves. There are 3 books in this series and they have 20 experiments in each book. Don’t know if we’ll finish the books this year, but we’ll see how they go. The topics covered are Energy, Forces & Motion, Matter. I love that it’s hands on projects and they keep a journal of their observations.
History (3 days per week – M,W,F): We’re going to do a PA State History program from HERE. I think the kids will enjoy it, even Grace will have her own book! If we finish this in the first semester, we’re going to go through the new book/cd that I mentioned below The Founding of the United States. I also found a book at the Homeschool Convention that we’ll read along with that called Great Stories of the American Revolution by Webb Garrison.
Music (1-2 days per week Tue. & Thurs.): We are starting at the first grade music level. It’s looking like an easy course to start the kids and introduce them to music notes and what they are and how they sound and what all the lines are for on music pages. We’ll be doing this with their cousin.
Art (1-2 day per week, Tue. & Thurs.): will consist of drawing, clay, crafts and lapbooks the kids are interested in learning about.
*Art and music are new things for us and I think they will enjoy doing these instead of being overloaded on all subjects all the time.
We’ll also continue going on field trips with the local homeschool group like we did last year. The kids enjoyed them and it was good for us to get out of our bubble and meet new people and do new things!
Speaking of field trips, the kids and I and my aunt are going to the Pittsburgh Zoo on Wednesday! Kind of our end of the school year Hurrah!

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