Points, etc

My sweet and wonderful husband stood on the scale last night and made me promise to hold him to this point thing so he can lose weight. As I mentioned before I have some weight I’d like to lose (7-8lbs) and Eric has a lot he’d like to lose (around 40lbs). He was pretty discouraged after weighing in last night. I think the point program will help us both lose the weight we want to lose. I decided to chronicle it in our blog just so we can map our progress.

It’s all about choosing what is best to eat. I’m not an official member of Weight Watchers or anything like that, BUT I’m going to get the book and learn all I can about it. I am surfing the web for WW recipes and *HERE, and I found this nifty Point Calculator (I’m not sure if I’m entering the fat content correctly, is it the grams of fat or percentage?). I’ve been entering all kinds of things into the point calculator so I can learn the value of foods we have on hand. It seems most vegetables are 0 points (at least from what I have entered). I was thrilled that some of the soups we have here are very low point values. We can eat a can of minestrone soup for 4 points! 🙂
We’re also going to do some walking a couple nights a week (after we’re done digging holes for the chicken coop – it’s good physical activity digging through layers of shale and clay). I’m laying the plans out for other activities and we’ll see how it goes. We’ll go easy to begin with, then add more as time goes on. It’ll be fun to walk and ride bikes with the kids. It’s good for our health AND good for our family’s health! 🙂
*I just found this WW site and it has a point calculator as well.

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