Weight Loss and Stupid Stuff :)

Well, I think all the weight I lost in my worrying days before the biopsy has come back. 😦 Such a bummer! 🙂 I was almost to my weight goal, but alas, too many malted milk balls and other junk food has caught up to me again!

In clothes shopping today my hubby realized he really needs to lose weight. Many people in his family are doing the point method by Weight Watchers successfully, so I found a place that helped us figure out our points and what we can eat each day. I might starve to death, but I’ll be ok. I can always add some more food if I need it. Eric wants me to keep tabs on him and make sure he is staying in his allotted points. I told him I’d be his point police! 🙂 So we’ll see how the next months go. We both have our goals and look forward to meeting them!
I don’t know if men read this blog and if you do sorry. You can skip this part, but I have to post this picture. Yes, this would be my lower back. I was out weeding my garden on Friday. I had a tank top on and some lower cut shorts. Well, being that I was leaning over weeding for several hours I didn’t realize that my shirt had come up and exposed this part of my back. I only realized later that evening after I scratched it how burnt it really is. I am ghostly white, obviously, and this burn is really super sore. I gotta bust out the granny shorts and long t-shirt next time I weed the garden and put on a coating of sunblock just in case!! 🙂

If nothing else, I hope this humored everyone. It is quite a dumb place to get such a sunburn. I will make sure it never happens again!


3 thoughts on “Weight Loss and Stupid Stuff :)

  1. OH my goodness!!!!! I know it must really hurt, but it is pretty funny (on this end anyway) 🙂 I hope it heals quickly!

    ON weight loss….I've just picked up running. I've wanted to do a 5k or something like that with a friend lately and now I have an opportunity. I'm not sure if I'll make it to the May 30th run, but at least I can try and for sure do the next one. But yay for you and your hubs for doing the weight loss thing together!!! I hope it works out for you two. 🙂

  2. Hi Deanne! Thanks for stopping by! I've toyed with the idea of running, but after having 3 kids, running and I don't get along. Anything involving me straining at all doesn't get along. 😦 lol I do have an elliptical (which I should use more) and wii fit plus which I love to do when I have time. I'm doing the points WW thing with my hubby – he needs the encouragement and teamwork, I think! 🙂 I do need to pick up my exercise time. Gardening, building a chicken coop and other exercise will probably help out! 🙂

  3. Oh yeah, and the sunburn is SO sore, but it is also so funny to see! LOL I had to take a picture of it and post it just for memory's sake!

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