April/May Menu Ideas

April/May Menu Ideas
1. hot dogs and chili sauce
2. bbq chicken tortilla pizza w/salad (Crystals Cozy kitchen, bbq recipes)
3. Beef/bacon quinoa (Crystal’s Cozy Kitchen, beef/bacon recipes)
4. hamburgers and vegetables
5. cucumber salad
6. Ribs and baked beans
7. Leftovers
8. hot Roast beef sandwiches/turkey sandwiches (hoagie buns)
9. Lumpia (tasty kitchen)
10. Chicken Quesadilla
11. Homemade pizza & veggies & chips
12. Grilled Cheese and tomato soup
13. Pot roast, carrots, potatoes
14. Leftovers
15. Stuffed Sopapillas (tasty Kitchen)
16. Spaghetti and homemade spaghetti sauce
17. Veggie Tostadas (good carb better carb cookbook) tacos for the kiddos
18. Breakfast dinner
19. Homemade pizza
20. Hot ham and cheese sandwiches
21. Leftovers
22. Lemon garlic shrimp (TOH cooking show, pg 33)
23. Lentils and Vegetables (tasty kitchen recipe)
24. Black Beans and Rice (tasty kitchen recipe)
25. BBQ Ribs (on the grill)
26. Perogies w/butter and onions
27. Hot dogs and veggies or salad
28. Chicken/Spinach Pizza
29. Burgers on the grill
30. Chicken and beef shish-ka-bobs on the grill!
*you’ll have to search Crystal’s Cozy Kitchen and Tasty Kitchen Recipes sites to find the exact recipes. I am lazy tonight! 🙂

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