Our weekend in Pictures

One of Eric and I’s finds yesterday. Many cans!

Eric getting ready to metal detect.

The kids have been so excited to put up the trampoline.
They were thrilled to FINALLY get to jump yesterday!

Almost set up.

Ryan worked hard helping Eric and I get this set up.

This was a hunk of metal we found in our yard Saturday evening.
We can’t figure out what it is at this point in time.
It’s very hard and heavy, not magnetic.
Couldn’t drill it, file it or scrape it with a knife.
Eric did bust a piece off with a hammer.
So it’s hard to the point of brittle.

I took this picture Saturday morning and entered it into the
Pioneer Woman’s Photography Assignment – Macro.
I installed and am using google chrome now, so until I figure it out
my pictures are being uploaded in the wrong order! I’m not good with
change in technology, but I’ll get the hang of it. 🙂

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