New Homeschooling Blog!

I’ve decided to start a new blog up for homeschooling our 3 children. I figured I could open up this blog and keep it strictly for a homeschooling blog. I’ll try to keep this up. Maybe update it weekly with what the kids have learned or are struggling to learn. We’ll see how it goes!

I’ve been using ACE (Accelerated Christian Education) curriculum the entire time we’ve been homeschooling. Sometimes I feel trapped by it, other times I like it. I would love to DO more with my kids instead of just having them work on their PACEs all the time. THen I feel restricted by their PACES because they have to complete 12 of them in a school year. I’m considering going to the CHAP convention in May this year to have a look around (if I can talk my husband into it). Other curriculum out there looks more expensive. I feel overwhelmed sometimes when I think about looking into something else, so I think the home school convention might be a good place to start.

My children enjoyed their first trip (in their memory) to the library the other day. Actually I took them last when Grace was 7 months old. I was looking at my library card and it said to renew in Oct. ’06. We just haven’t gone. I am not excited about Butler, but going to the library on a Wednesday afternoon was pretty nice! We’re going to go at least twice a month now! Some can’t believe I’ve never taken the kids to the library. It’s part laziness, part “I hate Butler,” part I didn’t think about it too much until lately, really.


8 thoughts on “New Homeschooling Blog!

  1. i love the flower design! 🙂

    my feelings and advice to people about curriculum is that if you feel trapped by it, and if your kids are bored with it, why do it? I'm a curriculum junkie and love to look at different way of teaching different subjects.

    we homeschool because we think we can provide the best for our kids, academically and in life this way. if they're feeling bored with their curriculum, and you are, break out and explore the world of FUN, enriching and academically challenging stuff that's at our fingertips as homeschoolers!

    one of my answers to people who ask why we've chosen homeschooling is that it's FUN! if it's stopped being fun for you and the kids, re-assess. wanna talk about it? come over for tea sometime while our kids play…. i'll talk you into CHAP and its benefits on your homeschool. 🙂

  2. Liz, I most definitely would love to talk about it some time! School has definitely lost FUN here. Sometimes I downright dread it. Eric and I were talking about CHAP and exploring what is out there. I told him how I've been feeling trapped by ACE, etc. ANyway, yes, let's get together! 🙂

  3. yay! what days are good for you…next week? monday afternoon, tuesday afternoon and wednesday early afternoon (we have to leave for swimming lessons by 3:45) are good for me next week…

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