Biopsy Slide Review Results

I finally decided to call the doctor’s office today (I couldn’t wait one more day!!) and see about my slides and what they thought. UPMC came to the same conclusion as Butler. Here’s the official title: Lesion of undetermined significance (I wrote it down this time). It pretty much means that some cells look abnormal, but they don’t really have enough to determine if the cells are malignant or benign. So I will be going for another ultrasound/biopsy at the end of March. I’m not looking forward to another wait, but the doctor wants to make sure the thyroid is not en flamed or anything from the previous biopsy.

God is making sure I really put patience into practice this year. 🙂
It’s hard not really knowing one way or the other, but as I’ve said before, it is in God’s hands!


3 thoughts on “Biopsy Slide Review Results

  1. They can't really see what the cells look like, I guess? I don't know for sure – I get lost in the medical mumbo jumbo sometimes. I think I'm going to google the “legion of undetermined significance” and see what I can find out online. It is frustrating!!!! 🙂

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