Weekend in Review

This has been a pretty nice weekend! Friday evening we just hung out at home. The weather has been so cold that I am glad to stay home, but admittedly I am starting to get cabin fever. I don’t know if it’s my age or what, but winter is getting harder and harder to deal with these days. Sometimes I feel a warmer southern climate calling me (though right now it is hard to find a warmer climate with all that “global warming” going on). My husband sometimes hears it calling as well.

Yesterday around 3:30 I got my niece, Kari and she came over and watched the children while Eric and I went out for the evening. It was such a wonderful date night! We had a gift card for the movie theater, so we caught a flick and then went to Sam’s Club and walked around for a while. I love looking at the stuff in that store! Often when we stop on Sundays I have to go get food samples with the kids and do some shopping. The other times I go there is on my grocery shopping trips and by the time I get to Sams, I am not in the mood to window shop at the other items that I don’t need. We really appreciate Kari for watching the kids! We hadn’t been out on a date night in a long time.

This morning was church! I have been teaching the Treasured Tikes this month and have had a lot of fun with them! I was all nervous at first, but I really have enjoyed it after I got over the nervousness! They are a fun group of kiddos!

Eric stayed home today. Poor guy is exhausted! He worked 6 days this past week and just couldn’t get out of bed this morning. This afternoon I made a turkey pot pie with some leftover turkey from a few weeks ago (I had sealed it and frozen it for later use). The pie looks good, but I haven’t eaten it yet. If no one touches it today, we’ll eat it tomorrow! Cooking has been more fun lately since I’ve been trying new recipes. The family has been enjoying the new food as well! Yay!

Still no word from UPMC, but I’m not expecting anything until Thursday this week. These have been the longest 10 (working) days I’ve ever been through! One way or the other, it’s in God’s hands!

This coming weekend Eric and I are going to the Castle for the adult retreat! We had a nice time last year and are looking forward to it again this year! Well, I’m going to go play or do something with the kids for a little while.
God bless,


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