A Boy and His Blankie

A long time ago, a sweet baby boy became attached to a blue blankie.
The blankie became one of his best friends.
Blankie was a source of comfort and joy to this little boy.
This little boy carried this blankie almost everywhere he went.

This blankie made a move to a new house.
Went on trips to Canada, Virginia, Ohio and overnights at grandparents.
This little boy started growing and had to finally leave blankie.
Blankie had to wait in bed for naps and bedtime.
At first this was hard for the little boy, but he did adjust.
This boy and his blankie have had many wonderful times together.
He loves this blankie as it is wrapped around his head.
It has comforted him through many illnesses and
has wrapped up many stuffed animals.
Sadly, blankie is getting very worn out. It’s very threadbare
and has holes that can’t be sewn anymore.
This boy was quite sad tonight as he is deciding what needs to be done.
Many tears were shed this evening when he went to bed.

It’s sad to see my son in tears over his lifelong friend.
I told him I would like to get a special frame and make the blankie
a special centerpiece surrounded by other baby items.
What is your security blanket?

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