Doctor Visit 1-21-10

Yesterday was my visit with the specialist in Pittsburgh. Eric and I have concluded that we truly are country bumpkins. We find Pittsburgh to be stressful, but we did survive! 🙂

I had my ultrasound appointment at 11am. Actual time was almost 11:30, but that’s ok. We had to hang out until almost 1 anyway. The doctor that did the ultrasound didn’t seem to think it was really anything to worry about. He said half the doctors there have thyroid nodules. Mostly all are benign.

The largest nodule that was measured by local hospital was said to be 11mm (or 1.1cm). Measured by the high tech stuff at Pittsburgh Hospital measured the largest to be 9mm (or 0.9cm). The doctor I saw yesterday said they don’t usually biopsy until they are over 1cm. So because of local hospital’s measurements they did ok with the biopsy.

There are 4 categories that the biopsy can reveal. I don’t really remember what all 4 are exactly. I fall under the 4th category at the moment (something about indeterminable something or other – I was getting lost in all the doctor talk). The Pittsburgh hospital is presently going over my slides from the local hospital to see if they are accurate in what they determined. I’ll know in about 10 days. Should their review of the slides come to the same conclusion as Butler’s, then I’ll have to go for another biopsy. If they deem it benign, then all is good! I am praying for an all clear! 🙂

My doctor looks SO young! She was definitely younger than myself. She’s Canadian and after her time in Pittsburgh she’s going to return to her country. We were curious to find out a Canadian doctor’s point of view on health care (especially the Canadian kind), so Eric asked. 🙂 We totally don’t see eye to eye, but she seems happy with her country’s system and is excited to go back and practice there. She’s very good, I do have to say!


5 thoughts on “Doctor Visit 1-21-10

  1. For what it's worth I am quite the country bumpkin myself;) I just cannot manage to drive in the city at all… I usually enlist a friend to do the driving (and bribe them with a lunch out!)

    I don't really understand all of the medical mumbo-jumbo, but I hope and pray that all goes well with your further tests♥

  2. Thanks so much for the prayers, Diane! The waiting continues. My husband drove us to Pittsburgh. I'm ever so glad! Funny thing, on the way home we did get pulled over by the Pittsburgh Police. We made a right turn on a red light and didn't see the “No Turn on Red” sign (yes we were studying the GPS to see if we were truly turning the right way). I've never been pulled over before, ever. 🙂

  3. Kristin, thanks for continuing to pray! I appreciate it so much!

    Liz, I knew you were from Pittsburgh area. Yeah, the city is just not my favorite place. Should I need a ride, I will get in touch with you! 🙂

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