2 more goals:

One goal that I didn’t mention, but is done now is quitting coffee (at least temporarily). 😦 I haven’t been into drinking it much lately and decided that my health may be better without it at least for a while. It’s so sad because I loved it so much, but I just can’t drink it lately. I can occasionally drink one of those yummy ones from sheetz or a restaurant. We’ll see how this goes for a while. For now I’ll drink yummy hot tea! It’s not as harsh as coffee can be and I’ve been into the fruity flavors!

My other goal is to have a purpose to be prepared and start working in that direction. In the Survival Mom blog I read THIS article and it got me thinking (a lot) and I am writing out a direction I want to go in being prepared in case an emergency happens. There are many types of emergencies that can’t hurt to be prepared for and I intend to make some progress this year. 1. Have a direction and a good reason or 2 to prepare. 2. Make a list of things that I will need to be properly prepared. I’ll just have a peace of mind doing what I believe God wants me to do in this area. So I have many lists of things to start working on and am excited about having a direction to go. When I have some of my plans/lists written out, I will share them. I feel like I am starting to ramble now. 🙂

God bless you all in the goals you have this year! Remember to make goals you can accomplish and can do for God’s glory!


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