My Goals for 2010

I don’t make resolutions.
I do set some goals for each year.
I don’t think I met too many of my goals from last year.
I really need to write them down and cross them off after they are accomplished.
That’s the only way things really get done for me.

Here is my goal list:

*Spend more time in God’s Word and PRAYING.

*Finish a Bible Study I started last fall on I Peter.

*Be the wife my husband needs me to be

* MAKE more QUALITY time with my children.

*Try to lose 5-6 pounds this year (it didn’t work last year).

*Memorize the book of James

James has been on the list the last several years.

Obviously not done.

*Try to finish at least one vacation scrapbook this year.

(I am years behind)

*Make a goals/priorities chart for myself and stick to it!

Not a very long list, but one that needed to be written out. As I’ve read other blogs, I realized that I’m not the only one that gets discouraged when there’s too much on the list.
Father God, help me in the year ahead. I pray it’s a year that brings You honor and glory in the goals that are set out on this page. Thank You, for your love and faithfulness.

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