Capturing Snowflake Sparkles

Yesterday morning I walked outside and was just captivated by the sparkles reflecting off the snow.  It was one of those moments I thought I would try to capture with the camera.  As you can see, it didn’t turn out like what my naked eye saw.  If you live in a place where you get snow, you know the sparkles I’m talking about.  Maybe my camera angle wasn’t right or my close up shot just couldn’t pick it up.  It was just one of those things that caught my eye outside yesterday and I wanted to share it. 

The snow is something I usually dread because it makes our driveway awful, but it really does make things pretty.  The white is much prettier than the dreary gray and that is something to be thankful for during the long winter months.  There’s nothing more beautiful than fresh fallen snow, all white, fluffy and piled high!

I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on the past year.  So much has happened in our lives this year!  First of all, God has done some working in my heart.  Granted, He has tons more work to do, but any progress is great!  I definitely failed on most of my “hope to accomplish spiritually in 2009.”  My plan is to set goals that are attainable in 2010.  After I write out my plan, I will share it in my blog.  It’s a tradition for me to write about the old year and then set goals for the next one in the journals that I have kept since I was 14.  Handwriting helps me connect to my thoughts a little better than typing, at least I like to think it does. 

He has blessed Eric and I with our 11th year of marriage this year and I am ever so thankful for the man He blessed me with!  Eric is what I am not.  He is grounded and has tons of common sense – I seem to not have much common sense at times.  🙂  Of course, I am social, he is not.  We balance each other out in so many ways.  God knew we needed each other! I love my husband more now than I ever did.  I still marvel at the way love grows and changes – love is definitely from God.  When love is God-focused you don’t end up being so selfish and self-centered.  You consider your spouse in every situation and wonder how the decisions you make affect him (or her, though I don’t know if any guys read this). 

Our 3 kiddos are sure growing quickly.  Nathan is my ant loving, lego-building, video-game playing  oldest son.   Ryan is my lego building, video game playing, loves anything Air Force middle son.  Grace is my horse loving, outdoor playing, rather tomboyish daughter.  They are all sweet and growing up ever so quickly.  Each of them had birthdays this year and aside from ear infections/strep throat last year,  they’ve been really healthy this year!  That is a wonderful thing!  My boys both have received Jesus as their Savior (not in this last year, but in ’08).  Nathan, I would say definitely knows and understands what it’s all about.  Ryan I kind of question his salvation.  Truly God knows his heart, but sometimes he says stuff about how to be saved that makes me wonder if he truly understands.  I’m praying if not, that his understanding will be open soon!  Grace is not saved.  She knows she needs saved, but for some reason will not pray.  I’m asking for prayer for her and her salvation.  Maybe she doesn’t fully understand yet, so I will continue planting seeds and see how God reaps the harvest of her heart. 

There are other things that have happened or that I’ve learned in the past year that I have learned to just place back in God’s hands.  He knows what to do in those situations because I’m at a loss really.  I may seek some wise councel.

This year has been interesting in the health department for myself.  Those inner ear infections (if that’s what they truly were, I’m not sure now), strep throat in early ’09, the thyroid issue I’m now facing.  My Pastor called me the one evening and I am ever so thankful for his Godly insight and wisdom.  Being rather upset about the local hospital’s bungling of the biopsy just about sent me over the edge.  His advice was to look at it as God’s direction.  We can’t see the whole picture, but the thyroid specialst is exactly where He wants me to go at this point in time.  My anger was replaced with humility pretty much right, then and there.  You can’t be angry when you know God has a purpose in it all – even if it is hard to see the end result from in the dark tunnel where I’m standing.  He knows the outcome, so I’m resting in Him now.  It’s what God wants anyway.  Not just in these situations, but in the every day.  God wants us to rest in Him and let us, let Him direct our paths.

2009 has been a crazy and blessed ride.  I’m thankful for everything about it and I’m looking forward to what God has in store for us in 2010.  I have many snowflake sparkles I would like to catch in the year ahead!


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