New Computer and New Camera!

My “Santa” bought me a couple totally awesome presents this year! As I am a crazy computer person, my husband bought me a Toshiba Netbook. It’s a very small laptop (it has no dvd/cd drive).

At the moment I’m just learning how to use it. These things frustrate me and I’m not very computer savvy, but I am learning. I plugged in my mouse this morning because I hate those little touch pads!

My new camera is a Canon Power Shot Elphe. I’ve had the same camera (Minolta Dimage 500)since 2003 and decided to get something a little more current. They’ve come a long way since we last purchased a camera! So in the coming months you’ll see pictures from the new camera on here. While asking camera questions I learned that Sony bought out Minolta. Not that anyone really cares, but I thought it was interesting. Our Minolta has been a very good and sturdy camera. It will still get its use as Eric has claimed it! 🙂

Our Christmas was really nice and we were very blessed with many gifts! The kids did a scavenger hunt to find their presents and seemed to really enjoy it! I had fun hiding gifts and making hints. To make it easier, since Grace can’t read, I hid their presents in the same places so as Nathan and Ryan read the hints Grace could follow along as well.

Yesterday we shopped until we dropped. Did our part for the economy anyway.

We’re amazed at how fast they clean up the Christmas stuff, put it on clearance and start getting ready for the next big holiday.

Eric’s on vacation and will go back to work on Wednesday. I love having my husband home! He has been so busy at work and then so exhausted in the evenings that I was really starting to miss him! He also needs the break from work just to rest up and get refreshed! The good thing is that he is so busy at work right now. We are so very thankful that God has supplied him so much work to do!

Today we played hookie from church to recover from our weekend and just sit around the house today – truly a day of rest. I have more thoughts on Christmas and other things, but I am closing for now. One thing I really NEED to do is start working on my priorities. I know with a new computer I will be SO tempted to sit in front of this thing all day and that’s just not right. I’m going to have to use the timer on myself. 🙂


2 thoughts on “New Computer and New Camera!

  1. I'm glad you had a great Christmas!!! Netbooks are great, aren't they? I have one, too. You can take it with you wherever you want to go! Mine is one of the first ones out and the smallest one, so it's so cute! LOL! I'm the same way about the pad…gotta have a small mouse. Enjoy it!!

    Saint Shellie

  2. I love my netbook! I've, unfortunatly, been sitting in front of it a lot today trying to find a new blog look. Tomorrow after I spend time with the kids and do productive things around the house I will sit and write up a good blog. 🙂

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