This day, this time . . .

Exchanging vows.
The only picture of “You may now kiss the bride.”
Announced Husband and Wife around 11am. I am blurry on the time frame. 🙂
Below: After the ceremony we had some pictures taken and I love them!

This bottom picture was taken on our honeymoon. We went to Gettysburg, PA.
We’ve been Civil War Buffs ever since!

This day, December 3, 1998 is the day I vowed before God, Eric, family and some friends to love, honor, obey and cherish my dear, sweet husband. I love him more now than I thought I ever could. Love has a way of growing and changing. It’s not the same as it was in the early days of marriage. It’s much richer and fuller!

Love truly is all that is mentioned in I Corinthians 13.

Love is patient,

love doesn’t envy,

love isn’t proud,

love doesn’t behave unbecomingly,

love is not self serving,

love is not easily provoked and thinks no evil.

Love NEVER fails.

I love my husband so very much and am thankful for the time He has given to us!

I love you, Eric, with all my heart!!


2 thoughts on “This day, this time . . .

  1. What gorgeous pictures! Congratulations, guys! Happy anniversary!

    And you are right, Emily – Love only continues to grow, especially when it's a love that takes heed to God's word. 1 Corinthians 13 is quoted so much that I sometimes lose it's meaning. When you take the time to dwell on it, it is incredible.

    Have a fantastic day, celebrating!

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