A Broken Heart

Have you ever had a broken heart for someone? I mean, the kind when you learn something about someone and it just totally breaks your heart into pieces and you just weep for that person?

That has been me lately. I’ve never been devastated like this, ever. My heart still weeps and sometimes I can’t really find the words to pray. The Holy Spirit is there to intercede and He does have the words to say, thank the Lord! He’s there to do that for all of us when we just don’t have the words to pray or even to think.

I’m praying about what to do, if anything.

One of the many blessings to this situation is that it has made me re-evaluate my life. What kinds of sin do I permit in my life? What are on my list of “OK sins?” You know, the ones you know are wrong, but not “really bad.” How does God see these sins?

Sin is sin to Him. It doesn’t matter if it’s a tiny, little lie or murder. It’s sin to God – all of it – all worthy of death. So, I have been sorting through my list of the “little, OK sins” which really aren’t OK with God. None of them. God knows we aren’t perfect and for that He sent His Son, Jesus. When we receive Jesus, He washes the sins away and God sees us through Jesus. The challenge is to live my life so that OTHERS see that Jesus is in me, in all I do. I fail daily.

This is just a bit of the jumbled thoughts I have been having. They are getting sorted out slowly, with prayer and reading God’s Word. The BEST way to figure out anything!


2 thoughts on “A Broken Heart

  1. Oh, Emily, my heart goes out to you and your situation. Check out the book Respectable Sins by Jerry Bridges. It is all about what you are talking about. I have been slowly reading it so I can chew on it. Sin is sin to a HOLY God. Regardless of what it is. Those little things that we don't even think about, the “tiny” bad habits that we don't do anything about. We all have them, but they are still sin to God. He sent His Son, and then He gave us the promised Holy Spirit. NOW we have the power to deal with these “respectable” sins. He set us free from the power of sin. NOW His grace enables us to “mortify to flesh!” Can you tell I've been reading up on the same subject? LOL! God is a HOLY God and He requires His people to be HOLY just like Him.

    I will pray for you to find clarity about what to do.

    Saint Shellie

  2. Thank you SO much for your prayer! I will have to see if my church's library has that book. Sounds like something I need to read right now. 🙂 Thank you for sharing about it! I really enjoy your blog as well! Thanks for finding AND reading my blog! 🙂

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